Sjur Dagestad

My mother was very interested in art. Painting and drawing were a natural part of childhood. The interest in art proved highly contagious. My father was a mechanic. From the children’s leg, I had to participate in the family’s mechanical workshop. We were the village’s metal tailors. I became a mechanical engineer, just like my great hero, Alexander Calder. When I eventually moved for myself, I knew that a good workshop is the foundation for a happy life. There you can create exactly what you want!

In 1994 I became the first winner of the Reodor Prize (Norwegian, National Inventor Prize). This became a turning point, and turbulence research was replaced with product development. For 12 years I was professor of innovation at NTNU. In these years I worked a lot with creativity as a subject.
In the autumn of 2006 I had my last exhibition. Phase 1 was over. The company I started got bigger, and the time didn’t stretch anymore.
After 13 years of sculpture longing, phase 2 started in 2019. We changed my business model, and I was finally able to shape, create, play, build, tear and rebuild – again!
All these years have given me the courage to fly and the confidence to fall.


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